African Cave Recordings from the Lunar Surface

african cave recordings from the lunar surface album cover
Our good friend Andrew Miller of African Cave Recordings from the Lunar Surface is offering some of his drone/dark ambient project for free download at:

new video --- did it whirr as it ran?

Playing at the Spacement on Saturday night

24 Hours the girl ± other members of project ruori will make some kind of sound emanate from devices on Saturday, January 16th at the Spacement (86 N. Lancaster in Athens, OH) Starts at 6pm. Really truely.

Don't hate the player. now has a flash-based mp3 player for your streaming listening convenience. Also new songs are up: In addition to the live tracks from Electro-Music 2009, you can also listen to such titles as "What for Breakfast Flakes", "Sickbay", "Design your Eyes", and "Terrifeyeing Naoise" from our upcoming album "Upon Hearing Nothing".

Yamaha DD-20 has a crystal

yamaha dd-20 circuit board

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